Is there other way to do it? You will definitely need to purchase a new hard disk, but I am not entirely sure how you can copy the entire image from you existing hard disk to the new one easily it can be done but technically quite difficult. I tried removing the hd and booting up. I had no money to replace myAcer and it had been sitting in the corner for two months. So I decided to save my data to USB and do a system restore back to factory settings.

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Acer eRecovery System will only restore the computer to the acer aspire 4736g vista state if the computer has no hardware issue. Hi Kim, Nope, it is definitely not normal for the recovery to take 9 hours. Will unzipping and running the exe files in that one install the eRecovery Management? Can u help me?

How to restore/format your Acer desktop/laptop without recovery disc?

Only the 47336g button and the battery is showing light. Ok met donlot yah. I can get to task manager acer aspire 4736g vista start a new task and execute explorer. It has Windows7 running in it. And so sorry to bother, another question, if i use the acer recovery system, how do i create a partition D??


Acer: Acer G Review

Acer aspire 4736g vista keep your site bookmarked. Acer laptop — trying to use eRecovery. My mom had to replace her hard drive on her acer my sister fried it and every computer repair shop she took it to said the same thing. Hi, Which Windows are you using right now?

I would like to vjsta and reinstall.

Drivers Acer Aspire 4736G

Surel Alamat takkan pernah dipublikasikan. However, I fear I will erase the hidden eRecovery Partition software. Can you try to re-describe again clearly so that I acer aspire 4736g vista understand your situation? Says I only have 1.

Pls email me at june yahoo. Hi Larissa, Do you still able to login to your Windows? I tried to boot up again with F10 and now it shows my OS as Acer erecovery and the boot manager is asking for boot options for Acer erecovery. Thank you so vissta. I have borrowed a Vista disc so i can re install the operating system. Thx anyway and gl with everything.

If you have the acer aspire 4736g vista to store all the files in D drive DATA driveyou can proceed to do system restore. UBuntu to copy out all your files to an external storage, acer aspire 4736g vista give the Windows installation a try again.


Then my computer kept rebooting on its own in normal boot up blue screen of course. Thanx for your time Blitzer. I found simply holding both Alt and F10 to do nothing and there was no evidence of the restore partition or eRecovery tool being present on the computer.

Sorry for the confusion but what I really mean is that you can purchase acer aspire 4736g vista recovery disc from them.

Yes Acer aspire 4736g vista did try the Acer eRecovery Managment within windows, and yes it still needs a password, and the default password didnt work there either. Great post, saved me a lot of time restoring my daughters Acer. Hi Paul, Sounds vitsa me that the original installed Windows has been formatted? You are commenting using your WordPress. Can you try this and see if it works for you?

Its an Acer running Vista and it doesnt have a restore disk.