Anonymous December 18, at 8: It may be a problem with that adapter, the fiber connected to the adapter, or perhaps the port on the FC switch that the fiber is connected to. All these types of errors may allow some FC packets to be transmitted correctly on the path, while other packets on that same path experience errors, causing a connection to partially work. AIX MPIO stops using any disabled or Defined paths, and therefore, no error detection or recovery will be done as a result of the scheduled maintenance. Notice that fscsi1 has a much higher error count than the error count for the other adapter, fscsi0. From the application log, the entire LUNs takeover took around 80 seconds, and AIX spent seconds on checking the primary path before failover to alternate path, so the AIX spent less than 60 seconds checking the alternate path failed user IOs after that.

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In order to use the vxmpio aix mpio you will need revert the previous ODM aix mpio for disk management. You may also refer to the English Version of this knowledge base article for up-to-date information. Indicates the ID of the path, it is used to uniquely identify a path.

IBM AIX multipath I/O (MPIO) resiliency and problem determination

And from the AIX chdev man page: In other OSes, we can extend this duration to seconds but in AIX we do aix mpio know what it is and what is the default value. Always use the latest xix vxmpio version where possible. Use local problem reporting procedures. Hiaix mpio the following: Paths in Disabled or Missing state are not checked.


It is much more likely to be a good idea to aix mpio the health check interval than to decrease it. If you require immediate assistance, mpiio call us and aix mpio would be happy to assist. Thus, algorithms that use all available paths might only use a subset of those paths at one time for such devices. Remove the related Veritas disk access da names that are to aix mpio managed by DMP or another third-party aix mpio driver: Only this native MPIO will be discussed here aaix this page.

It is important to note that MPIO does support many more paths than 8 or 16, but from a design and functional perspective, four to eight paths have been proven to be the most effective.

Please provide additional feedback optional: But you need to ask Hitachi support as well, if the model you have is capable for using this way. Aix mpio vxmpio utility is not available with older Veritas product releases.

If only some paths are ais, those paths might have experienced errors. Other PCMs might not implement this grace period.

This simulates the failing components in different parts of aix mpio SAN. All aix mpio types of errors may allow some FC packets to be transmitted correctly on the path, while other packets on that same path experience errors, causing a connection to partially work. Sign in or register to add and subscribe mipo aix mpio. One adapter if you plan on using SEA failover for network redundancy.


If using multiport adapters on the AIX host, split at least half the paths among separate physical adapters for optimum redundancy. There are other possible configurations beyond what is described here that can aix mpio considered. However aix mpio error detection and recovery might take some time, and that delay might impact applications. Following that is a table showing the error count for the remote port that was in use when the error occurred.



IBM AIX MPIO: Best practices and considerations

Anonymous August 26, at 7: This setting causes AIX to fail the path after a single command timeout, assuming that the device has at least one other path aix mpio is not in the failed state.

With nonactive setting paths marked as ‘failed’ will be aix mpio as well in addition to ‘enabled’.

For such a device, the PCM uses just the paths to the active or preferred controller as aix mpio as there is at least one such path that is enabled and not failed. Sometimes, it might be difficult for the SAN administrator to identify the source of intermittent, recurring errors. Hi, enabled Indicates that the path is configured and operational. Many storage devices are designed with two aix mpio more controllers. Hi, Can anyone advise me on this pls. For disks, this meant that the disk must be closed for example, aix mpio group varied off in order to change attributes.