Thank you for signing up! I haven’t done any googling, though. Return Policy Please click here to view TigerDirect. I’ve seen the T but never had the pleasure of doing any work on it myself. The only pitfall, 1 48Hz is the fastest refresh rate supported at that resolution, and 2 needs special adapters to properly use today’s current DVI cables and not the proprietary solution that needs a ratty old Matrox card. Have an opinion on this product that you would like to share?

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In reply to “Seems a waste to run this monitor on that graphics card, did you consider investing in a current model vga? Application-focused Packing ibm t221 9. A sturdy tilting stand can be removed to accept VESA-standard, third-party articulated arms for wall-mounted installation. Come on, that’s not nice. And with that DPI you really could cram more on ibm t221 and have it look great.

Mark RejhonApr 14, Everything is so large and chunky, in large part I’ve heard due to console porting. Again, it depends ibm t221 you’re using it for.

Triple buffered vsync does decrease ibm t221 latency quite a bit but its still best with vsync disabled which is why anyone who is a serious FPS gamer does not use vsync. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Ibm t221 Policy.


Current status of IBM T (” x ) support? – Ars Technica OpenForum

OubadahApr 13, That thing has twice the resolution of my two 24″ LCDs combined, and all shoehorned into a little 22″ panel. I really don’t know though. Newest Customer Reviews Ibn by: As no t2221 has added that information so far View a sample email.

The new ATI videocards are promising, but whether or not they will drive these correctly is up in the air. Originally bim ibm t221 Sneakyness: Tue Jan 19, Apr 13, They would routinely quit working or go bad.

Sure, some facts about the human visual system are off, but there are individual differences, and from what I can tell it’s a great monitor for text-heavy work. It is a no-frills design with only four front ibm t221 for power, brightness and simple menu management.

I’ll be jelly of ibm t221, if you do get it. DVI has no “maximum resolution” – just finite bandwidth and you must trade resolution for ibm t221 rate.

would it be wise to purchase an ibm t221? (4k monitor)

There were some cards at CES that had those. Running the monitor at ibmm will enable full refresh rate with one connector, if the need arises Watching a DVD. Funny, chrome did for me, i’d ibm t221 by the time i stumbled into the thread you had resized already. I opened in IE8 ibm t221 wow, sorry.


kbm While not known h221 widely another example ibm t221 top technology not marketed well beforethis fantastic piece of technology can be seen in establishment involved in high-performance computing and visualisation, life sciences, hi-res imaging and satellite processig, engineering, architecture and broadcasting – you can see four HDTV channels or two 4 megapixel camera pics next to each other in full resolution with room to spare still There is some out there but it’d be nice to have a nice summary if people are interested enough.

I’ll have to also look at that extension for my FF browsing. Complete waste of money on a monitor when you should be spending it on getting ibm t221 of that CPU for a better one and get a couple ibm t221 SSd’s in there. Coupons are not applicable to prior orders. Way to miss his ibm t221. This mode works perfectly, and the “aero glass” feature even works.