The rich harmonics of an electric guitar are shaped by the mouth, producing a sound very similar to voice, effectively allowing the guitar to appear to “speak”. This section may contain indiscriminate , excessive , or irrelevant examples. The cheaper, more flexible vinyl tubing tends to transfer vibrations much more intensely, which could result in an intense headache! I gathered a load of similar parts to do this but the amp I had couldn’t power the driver so I kinda lost interest, think I bought a w driver by accident and only had a 10w power amp so it was inaudible. I have a mobile phone with FM radio and MP3 player and it has quite loud speaker versus size. Convention creates following, following creates talkbox horn. There is no rule about which side of the mouth to use, but most tend to go for the left side, which is what I do.

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So it almost perfect. Talkbox horn general rule is, how loud can you sing or talk not screaming?

talkbox horn Compression driver is a driver unit for horn speakers commonly takkbox in stage monitors and JBL studio monitors, and are named compression because it transmits pressure to the diaphragm.

The shape of the mouth changes the harmonic content of the sound in the same way talkbox horn affects the harmonic content generated by the vocal folds when speaking.

In addition, they are talkbox horn more common in different genres: Here was my first attempt at it before i got the driver. By using this site, you agree to talkkbox Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


The first high-powered Talk Box was developed by Bob Heil. The sound can be that of any musical instrument, but the effect talkbox horn most commonly associated with the guitar.

Compression Driver

Rather than actually talking or singing into a microphone to modify the instrument sound, with ralkbox talkbox, the instrument sound is directly injected into the mouth.

Most full-range PA speakers consist of at least one woofer usually between 10″ and 15″ in size talkbox horn a talkbox horn, which handles the mid to high frequencies. Unfortunately, they are no longer manufactured and auction sites like eBay would be your best choice if you would like to purchase them. Retrieved from ” https: Talkbox horn bottom line talkbox horn, use only what is necessary to get the sound from the driver to your mouth, with the talkbox sitting on the talkbox horn.

Please galkbox improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. BullsfanAug 15, Brian May was asked in an interview whether the song “Delilah” was recorded using a talk box on Queen ‘s Innuendo record. In my opinion, shorter is better, because it allows more sound pressure to reach your mouth from the driver.

So its pretty close. If the driver can handle more than 40w, great. This is the bottom half of the “casing for the driver. Talkbox horn Blogs Articles Groups. D Horn Drivers are typically not used in guitar rig applications.


Pete McCAug 14, How do I know these talkbox horn Or glue it to a rubber base inside the box?

Scenes from a Memory. When activated, the sound from the amplifier is reproduced by the speaker ttalkbox the talk box and directed through the tube into the performer’s mouth. Talkbox horn around the world are also in search of these drivers talkbox horn it could be priced fairly high. The low frequency response needs to be at least Hz or lower – I recommend much lower.

Talk box – Wikipedia

A talk talkbox horn connected to an iPad running an effects program was used to create the voice of the character BB-8 in Star Wars: Yes, my password is: Walsh gives credit to Bill West, an electrical talkbox horn, Nashville steel guitarist and first talkbox horn of country music legend Dottie Westfor inventing the talk box for him in the May talobox of Guitar World magazine.

The band Iron Butterfly used a talk box in the song “Butterfly Bleu” from the album Metamorphosis in Here it is inside the amp. I Think electric guitar goes from 83hz to about hz.