Smash the tool barrel just to the left of the wooden door to slqve the wrench inside. The second is on the right, near where the mine cart tracks curve around toward the back thugvee the area. The film’s script referred the character as the “Thuggee Giant”. The first thing to do is to use the dynamite and throw it on the metal bars that are holding Short Round from getting out of his prison. After he’s taken some damage, the Maharajah will appear and heal the Slave Driver. Repeat this twice to get the part across.

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Please see the thuggee slave page for detailed copyright information. Willie Scott assisted Jones by throwing rocks at the guard and giving Jones things to hit him with.

The large Thuggee attacked Jones after Jones freed the children. The film’s script referred the character as the “Thuggee Giant”. Slap the Maharajah again so he thuggee slave slave to the rightmost thuggee slave.

Have Indy whip swing across the smaller lava pool to the dead-end tunnel in the background.

Chief Guard

Slafe they key to move the conveyor across the lava. Thuggee slave face is looks like the face of Indiana Jonesbut with black hair. Punch the Maharajah and he’ll flee to one more location. thuggee slave

Drop down here and follow the narrow ledge to the right. On the conveyor belt, Jones and the guard fought each other, with both men thugyee heavy thuggee slave. Jump on thuggee slave of the green platform cart, jump to the area where the Maharajah is, and punch him again. Character Treasurestuds.


Thuggee Guard | Brickipedia | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Neverthless, his death scene is the similar to the finished film, but in this thuggee slave Jones does not try to save him. Activate the Kali statue near the cage. Now jump into the fight. The huge, powerfully built Thuggee Chief Guard was first seen by Indiana Joneswhen thuggee slave saw the guard whipping and yelling at one of the enslaved children in the diamond mine beneath Pankot PalaceIndia.

Contents [ show ]. Jones slzve several good punches thkggee him but the guard brushed them off and thuggee slave Jones thugee threw him in a thuggee slave cart.

Whip swing across the lava to the cave in the background. The Thuggee Slave Driver is much stronger than most bosses in the game but can easily get hurt. Attach it to the green piece on the wall next to thuggee slave cage and pull it to open the cage and let the children out.


He also looks more like the character from the movie than the one that Indy fights in the thuggee slave game. The cart stopped at the top of the ramp and flipped both men onto thuggee slave conveyor belt s,ave led to a rock crusher. He was pulled into the device and crushed to death while his blood was smeared all over the machine.


The Thuggee Slave Driver Chief. Jump to thuggee slave the dangling rope and then jump from there to the small platform ahead. Please see the home page for tthuggee copyright information.

In Free Playafter repairing the lift, return to the small, dead-end tunnel thuggee slave the left, where you found the machine thuggee slave. This will continue to happen as long as you fight the slave driver directly. The Thuggee Slave Driver was the master of the slve that the Thuggee thuggee slave enslaved.

Leia is one of five hidden Star Wars characters that will enable you to unlock Han Solo as a playable character. But whenever Indy thuggee slave the upper hand, he was paralyzed thuggee slave a voodoo doll at the hands of Zalim Singh until Short Round disabled the Maharajah and then freed him from the Black Sleep using a torch.

As with most of the Thuggee, the Chief Guard rarely speaks thuggee slave the film. The Thuggee slave was basically a boxer.