Working time records must be kept by your employer and tachograph records may also be used for this. The WTD break at the 6h point only needs to be 15 minutes. Rog sorry if this is a dumb ass question , what’s the difference between WTD and RTD, what does the R stand for, and sorry for appearing to be actually interested in this BS. This is not legal, as the second break is right at the end of the shift: I’m of course assuming the job in question is “full time driver” rather than “indoor person who does a bit of part time driving”. Now, I just take breaks when I need to, and I get left alone so far, so it seems “doing what the directive says” seems to work better than “keeping the office happy” when it comes to who, what, why, and when. When this idea first came out I and others thought, admittedly naively , that the job would finally be brought up to similar standards as other industries, ie you could earn a LIVING wage without having to work excessive hours, but then the powers that be realised that to achieve this a number of controversial actions would need to be taken such as taking on giant co.

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Working Time Regulations – Road Transport – rmt

So why not just turn the wd 30 minute break into a wtf minute one and then you’ve not only satisfied the Wtd breaks hgv and the tacho regs but have shaved 15 minutes off your day which you can either use to go a bit slower and reduce the stress or get home earlier? Weekly rest Existing EU Drivers’ hours rules brdaks 45 hours consecutive weekly rest. Thu Feb 23, He had in fact had a 30 minute and then a 15 minute so they were the wrong way around. The draft regulations indicate that for wtd breaks hgv to be categorised as a PoA it should meet the following criteria; A breakz worker must not be required to remain at his workstation but he must be available to answer calls to start work or wtd breaks hgv driving on request; and the period and the reasonably wtd breaks hgv duration should be known in advance either before departure or just before the start of the period in question The EC directive which the Road Transport Working Regulations will implement lists examples of PoAs which include accompanying a vehicle on a ferry or train or periods waiting at frontiers.


Drivers Hours And Working Time Directive Guidance

This 45 minute break does however cover the driver to continue to work past the 9 hour hfv without taking another break. Sun Nov 02, 3: But I’d had 45 so why does it need to be 30 and not The draft regulations propose that working time includes; Driving Loading and unloading Training which is part of normal work and commercial wtd breaks hgv Cleaning and maintaining the vehicle Work intended to ensure wtd breaks hgv safety of the vehicle, its cargo and passengers e.


There is no individual opt out from the 48 hour wtd breaks hgv The average working week is calculated over a 4 month a 17 or18 week reference period. The time must be made up breaaks one beaks that cannot be split and must be attached to another rest period of a minimum of 9 hours. Wtd breaks hgv browsing this forum: In this first example the driver has spent 2 hours driving followed by 4 hours of working in the warehouse.

The Rolling Reference Period — This period can also be wtd breaks hgv between 17 and 26 weeks however unlike the basic fixed calendar this reference period never comes to an end, but instead uses the most recent period for calculating the 48 hour average.

Working Time Directive | Driver Hours

Any Holidays which you take beyond your contracted entitlement breakks 20 days will be recorded as rest days and do not add any hours for your WTD. Find wtd breaks hgv more about cookies.

This site makes use of cookies. Driffield, East Yorks Top Re: Therefore you are calculating the WTD for you chosen period every week. There are several different ways to keep a reference period and they can also consist of different lengths. wtd breaks hgv


Wtd breaks hgv Holidays which you take beyond your contracted entitlement usually 20 days will be recorded as rest days and do wtd breaks hgv add any hours for your WTD Sick days are calculated exactly the same as regular holidays and add 8 hours for a single day, or 48 hours for 5 consecutive days.

The Department has previously intended that mobile workers would have to inform their employer about all work undertaken for all other employers irrespective of the sector in which the work was carried out.

Tue Feb 13, 9: It can sometimes be difficult to calculate how many hours you can wtd breaks hgv as a UK HGV driver and what the rules on ngv and rest periods actually are.

Mon Sep 27, wtd breaks hgv Published 9 March Last updated 28 March — see all updates. You acknowledge that any personal data you post on TruckNet may be accessed by other members of TruckNet and visitors to the forum.

Understanding EU drivers’ hours and working time rules

The draft regulations indicate that for time to be categorised as a PoA it should meet the following criteria. Kinda puts you off attempting the same thing, so I ended up getting an infringement instead. With up to 3, new wtd breaks hgv per day, saving over million miles per year, the impact for the UK’s Carbon footprint alone is huge.

They are then able to work for another 3 hours before they reach the 9 hour threshold and need to take wtd breaks hgv 15 wtd breaks hgv break before continuing to work. S As ROG said you only need to take 15min at the 6h point. The app is available on Apple and Android devices. Continue Read our cookie policy.